2018.1.15 Sprints, Straight Arm, 25s, 50s

Today I went back and took the very first workout I wrote for Swim with Sam and made a few modifications.  The good thing is I still like the workout I wrote, so I must have been doing something right.

Straight arm drill doesn’t teach proper stroke mechanics – it just teaches you to move a lot of water with your arms (which is an important component of sprinting).  You won’t be pushing the water in the right direction for 100% of the stroke cycle, but you’ll be pushing a lot of it and that’s what I want you to feel.  Straight arm drill will also get you rolling your shoulders more than you’re used to and that’s important for sprinting as well.

For the main set take extra rest between each set of 10 (or 8).  Sprints should be high quality so you don’t want to be dead tired going into all of them.