2018.1.19 Backstroke, Distance, 400s

Today’s workout is a distance workout meaning the focus is on getting some yards in.  Even though I am not the biggest fan of long continuous swims, getting a lot of yards in in a single session can be important especially if training for Iron distance races.

I have some backstroke work planned because when you’re covering a lot of yards it’s nice if all of it isn’t freestyle.  Practicing backstroke can give you a different perspective on your freestyle.  Many of the mechanics of backstroke and freestyle are the same such as body alignment, torso and shoulder roll, and a catch with a bent elbow.

For the main set it’s a simple set of descending 400s and then some shorter swims with fins optional if your lats / shoulders / arms are tired.  Of course, if your goal is to work your upper body to its limit then perhaps you don’t want to use fins at the end.  If you do use fins make sure you work your legs to do some impressive times on those blue intervals at the end.