2018.1.29 Body Position, Distance, Broken 500s

I hope you all didn’t think I died.  I just got super busy my last week in Orlando before we hit the road to head west.  I also wanted to see what would happen to my instagram page when I posted nothing for a solid week.  Now I know.

Anyway, today’s Distance workout has some body position work in it.  Even for the advanced swimmers it’s good to go back and focus on body position from time to time to make sure you’re still practicing good habits.  Beginners need a lot of body position work as body position is key in swimming.  I recently did some kicking on my back in the pool with my ~ 21 pound daughter riding on my stomach.  Because my body position was just a little bit worse with that extra weight riding on my stomach, I could only kick about half as fast as I typically would.  I was producing just as much force with my legs as normal, but it was taking literally twice as long to get across the pool (I timed it).

So on today’s main set you’ll spend some time focusing just on perfect technique for a few 50s or 25s and then the rest of the swim you’ll try to keep using that same technique but without having to think about it.  That’s the gist of the workout.