2018.1.30 3 pull 9 kick, Threshold 2, 3, 4, 5 Purple

Today you’ll continue to work on body position, but now rolled up on your side.  The 3 pull 9 kick drill has a description on my website, but 1 pull 5 kick and 3 pull 2 second pause do not.  Don’t worry about it – those drills are exactly what they sound like.  It’s important to get body position right when floating flat, but it’s even more important to get it right rolled 45 to 60 degrees up on your side with one arm out front – because that’s the position you’re in in the glide phase of the stroke.

After that drill work it’s  a short set of a little dolphin kicking to practice tight streamlining underwater.  I always think underwater dolphin kick with fins is fun.

The main set is fairly short and sweet.  It’s ascending distance swims all on purple intervals.  Everybody should make the first few swims when they are short, but as they get longer they will get a lot harder.  If you make the longest swim by a lot (let’s say MORE than 10 seconds) then your threshold pace might be faster than you think and it’s time to retest (which is a good thing).