2018.2.1 Dolphin kick, Distance, 200s

Today’s workout is a distance workout of 200s and a little dolphin kick work with fins.  On that dolphin kick set try your best to feel your abs and back when doing dolphin kick.  You’ll always feel your quads and the quads are very important for dolphin kick, but if you aren’t feeling it in your back and abs then your kick isn’t as powerful as it could be.

The main set is a little speed-play and equipment-play as you progress through the 200s on pink and blue intervals.  See if you can notice how tired your lats get when you swim with paddles vs without.  The last set of 200s (or 100s for beginner) is a simple descending set, but on Red intervals so you can’t go too slow on number 1.  You still have to make the interval the whole set.