Swim with Sam

Hey you, swimmer who is just starting out or still slow even after having some swim lessons.  I’m sure you know that swimming technique is important, and you’ve probably watched a few technique videos online to try to figure out what to do in the pool.  Technique is important and it’s great that you’re doing some learning on your own, but how you spend your time in the water is important as well.

The goal of Swim with Sam is to teach you exactly how to spend your time in the water by producing daily detailed workouts along with the resources you need to understand them.

I’ve seen countless triathletes devoting a lot of time to lessons and swim technique, but then “just swimming laps” for their workouts.  Even if you are thinking about technique while you’re swimming, if you’re not:

  • doing challenging intervals
  • remembering your times
  • trying and succeeding to swim faster

then you’re probably not getting any better at swimming.  You might be building some endurance and your times might be coming down slowly, but those gains will fade away when you stop swimming and your fitness fades.  If you want to get good at swimming forever (like elite swimmers do) you not only have to talk the talk (learn the technique) but walk the walk (do the hard workouts and do them correctly)

I am providing 5 weekly workouts for 3 different ability levels (15 workouts total each week M-F).  Each day I’ll upload a short video explaining the contents of the workout and the purpose. All you have to do is:

  • Download an interval chart that suits your threshold pace
  • Learn the lingo
  • Learn the drills (or just the day’s drill)
  • Pick which workout suits your ability level and bring it to the pool with you

If you have questions Facebook is the best place to ask.  I don’t plan to try to create a community around my website – Facebook is better for that.

A lot of my website needs polish and I’m working hard to polish it up before 2017 is over.  Drill descriptions are poor, videos need to be made, there may be broken links, and more content is still required.