The Drills

A swim drill is a modified version of a stroke, or an activity that one performs in the water in order to teach a desired movement pattern so that you may later incorporate that movement pattern into your regular stroke.  The workout won’t just say “drill” on it.  It will either specify a specific drill by name or it will say choice drill.  Choice drill is any drill that a swim coach has said is a good drill for you to do.  There are some swim drills that I do not recommend to some athletes.  For instance, some people have too much glide in their stroke already so I do not recommend Catch-Up drill to them because it’s a drill that encourages a swimmer to glide more.  Other drills are simply not necessary for a swimmer to do if their stroke already exhibits the property of that drill.  Fingertip drag is not very useful for a swimmer who already has a high elbow and low hand recovery.

My workouts will contain one or two drills and then a choice drill as well.  If a swim coach has specifically told you to avoid certain drills then just replace those with a drill you’ve been told to do.  If you’ve never had any swim coaching and you’re jumping straight in to my workouts you might as well attempt each drill you see on the workout.  If you don’t know what drill to do during the choice drill, just do a drill that you hate.  The drills that you hate tend to be the most beneficial.

I have some videos recorded about 8 years ago (back when I was in good shape) of me doing some of these drills in an endless pool, but I plan to remake all of these videos when I have access to a nice outdoor pool with good lighting and with underwater footage as well.

All the drills with their corresponding videos were too much for one page so each drill is on its own page.  Eventually I will have detailed videos of each of these drills, but for now it’s a video of me doing the drill with no audio, or a simple relevant YouTube query already linked for you.

Body position drills

Stroke drills for catch and recovery


Backstroke Drills

Butterfly Drills