Head tipping

Head tipping is more of a body awareness drill. Its primary purpose is to get somebody to embrace short axis rotation (bending at the neck and hip) and to gain an awareness of how the head leads the body. Push off streamline then bring the arms to the side and keep them there for the remainder of the drill. Lift the head straight up to take a breath and then dive the head down and allow the body to follow as if rolling over a large barrel. Keep the low back engaged such that when you dive down your legs come out of the water to keep your body moving in a downward trajectory. In a 4 foot deep pool, your nose will be close to the bottom. As you approach the bottom do one and only one dolphin kick to help you flatten out, and then your natural buoyancy will help steer you to the surface. Head tipping can not be speed up because it is dependent on your body’s buoyancy vs the water’s density so you will generally rise and fall at about the same rate. While it is hard to breathe doing head tipping because you’re lifting your head straight up without the use of the arms, it’s not an aerobically challenging drill because there’s not much muscular activity happening.