One arm the EZ way

The EZ way means to leave one arm stretched out long underwater while you’re rolled up on your side and take very deliberate strokes with your other arm (the arm that has its shoulder breaking the surface of the water).  Because you’re stroking with an arm while the SHOULDER is high it makes it easier to get into a high ELBOW position as well.  Your upper arm will be partially out of the water as you pull back, but your lower arm will be nearly perpendicular with the bottom of the pool which is a good thing.  See how long and high in the water your can keep your leading arm and how far forward you can travel on each stroke you take.  Breathe to the same side as the arm that you are using.  If you are taking strokes with your right arm and breathing on the right with your left arm leading I call that right arm one arm drill the EZ way.