Streamline pushes / streamlining

The head is in a neutral position (same position as when you’re standing normally). Your eyes are looking at the bottom of the pool, not straight ahead. You place one hand on top of the other with all your fingers together, and “lock” a thumb around the bottom hand. As you get better at streamlines, you can drop the thumb lock (the thumb lock keeps the hands from splitting apart when you push off the wall). Go UNDERWATER FIRST and then push off controlling your depth with small adjustments in the angle of your shoulders and hips. Never look up to surface when streamlining. You’ll always arrive at the surface naturally unless you take great effort to stay underwater. Start every lap of anything you do in the pool with a streamline. It’s not cheating even though there are no walls to push off of in open water. Moving fast through the water in any position teaches you what it feels like to move fast through the water. Begin swimming at the surface before your streamline is slower than you could be swimming. The transition from underwater streamling to surface swimming is called the breakout and it’s a skill that’s heavily practiced among sprinters. Now you know that.