One on One Triathlon Coaching

triathlon coaching

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One-on-one triathlon coaching includes

  • Unlimited access to me via phone text or email.  If I miss your communication I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
  • Trainingpeaks Premium account paid for by me for the duration of your triathlon coaching
  • Workouts written weekly with unlimited changes as your life demands
  • All race day pacing and nutrition strategies included (we’ll talk about your races duh)
  • Swim workouts will largely be based off the SwimwithSam workouts I write, but will be customized to you
  • Whenever you send me video of you swimming cycling or running I’ll provide an analysis for you.  I’ll have the most feedback for swimming.
  • One 30 minute nutrition consult per season with my wife Nicole who is a dietitian.


I charge $240 every 4 weeks payable directly to me via the payment method of your choice (Bank Transfer, Pop Money, Venmo, Square, Paypal).  There’s no startup fee and you can start, stop, or pause coaching whenever you want.

Should you miss a full week of workouts for any reason, you get a credit for that week (your next payment date gets scooted down).  If your season isn’t an even number of months long (let’s say 7 months 1 week) you only pay for 7 months and 1 week, not 8 months.

If you end your season with coaching credit (if you didn’t want a refund) it will always be there when you come back.

Lastly, you’re always grandfathered into the price you were paying when you first started coaching.